§1 General provisions

1. Run by Cold Pressed Juices sp. Z o.o. runs business and business. Zoo. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Wrona 45/91, 00-870 Warsaw, registered at the District Court in ul. Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the KRS number: 0000629451, NIP: 5272770507, REGON: 364481523, a company in the amount of PLN 50,000.00, hereinafter referred to as cold pressed juices.

2. Contact the seller for more information: info@thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl3. 3. These Regulations are continuously available on www,thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl website, in a manner enabling its acquisition, reproduction and recording of its contents by printing or saving on a carrier at any time.

§2 Definitions of the Service

Cold pressed beverages, beverages and beverages, beverages and beverages, beverages and beverages. Client - A natural person or business entity using the Service.

§3 Object of the contract

Cold orders are the subject of orders. The minimum amount of one-time orders up to 6 large cold press juices or PLN 84. Not applicable to the subscription program. The minimum order period is 4 weeks.

§4 Placing an Order

Orders are accepted through the following routes: via the form at www.thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl zamowienia@thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl The Cold Pressed Juices would like to note that cold pressed juices and vegetable milk are produced in the same manufactory. Due to this fact, each Drink may contain traces of nuts and other vegetables and fruits used for production not listed on the given label. By placing an order, the customer confirms the awareness of the aforementioned information and related possible health consequences, such as food intolerances or allergies. Detox is intended for people with good health. People suffering from chronic diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, lactose intolerance, or taking drugs that affect the ability to absorb nutrients or vitamins, or cause fluid retention in the body, or adversely affect digestion, as well as in the case of pregnant women or breastfeeders knowingly make a purchase. In the above-mentioned cases, it is worth consulting a doctor.

§5 Payment for the Order

We accept payments in electronic form to thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl via tPay and PayPal. Payments can also be made by bank transfer to the account number 32 1240 1053 1111 0010 6819 2506, and by means of a payment card or in cash at our point of sale, The Cold Pressed Juices, at Zgoda, 3 st. 3, 00-870 Warsaw. In the case of an electronic system, the day the payment is received, The Cold Pressed Juices recognizes the day on which it received confirmation of the entire payment from the system operator. In the event of non-payment, the Seller has the right to suspend the order. In some cases, it is possible to pay for the order on delivery. The obligation to pay for the parcel occurs at the moment of placing the order and thereby acceptance of our regulations. No acceptance of the package, the contents of which are Juices Cold Pressed does not release from the obligation to pay for the order, because the object of the Services provided is the subject of rapid deterioration and having a short shelf life. After returning the package, the product is unusable.

§6 International Delivery 

We offer delivery with UPS to all countries in the European Union. Countries oustide of the European Union are offered delivery via Poczta Polska. Deliveries outside of the EU may be held by customs and therefore may take longer to deliver.

§7 Changes and cancellations of the order

The customer is entitled to change the order for 1 business day before the order is completed until 12.00. Change address can be changed up to 1 business day before delivery. Changes are considered made when the Customer receives confirmation of the change.

§8 Complaints

In the event of non-compliance in the implementation of the Order compared to the Order placed or these Regulations, the Customer is entitled to submit a complaint. The complaint should be submitted electronically and sent to: info@thecoldpressedjuices.com.pl.

§9 Withdrawal from the contract and return of the goods

Pursuant to Article 38, par. 4 of the Act on consumer rights dated 30/05/2014 The right to withdraw from a distance contract and return the goods without giving a reason is not due to the customer in the event of using the services provided by The Cold Pressed Juices, because the subject of the Services is subject to rapid deterioration and having a short shelf life. For this reason, please consider shopping, that is the length of detox. By placing an order and making the payment for them, the customer is aware of the lack of possibility to withdraw from the contract concluded at a distance and return the goods without giving a reason.

§10 Privacy Policy

All personal and contact details obtained during the order registration process are collected and stored in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended). These data will not be lent or made available to third parties and will be processed and stored only for the purposes of Order processing and marketing. The data administrator is The Cold Pressed Juices sp. O.o. with headquarters in Warsaw, ul. Wrona 45.91, 00-870 Warsaw, registered at the District Court in Warsaw, in Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000629451, NIP: 5272770507, REGON: 364481523.

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